Name: zirconi IP:0.0.0.*

Awesome service. All transactions proceeded as expected.

October 13,2010
Name: scar IP:0.0.0.*

Very good, fast! would definitely work with again

October 13,2010
Name: lilis IP:0.0.0.*

great service, will buy again

October 13,2010
Name: ROCK IP:0.0.0.*

Fast like WOA~ VERY dependable seller and fast response!

October 13,2010
Name: TC IP:113.246.121.*

thanks for your fast deliver!

September 07,2010
Name: Orenda IP:0.0.0.*

patient, understanding, and very helpful :)

September 06,2010
Name: ladran IP:0.0.0.*

Carol was very attentive and helpful. Thank you.

September 06,2010
Name: dotaaronx IP:0.0.0.*

helped me with my question- thanks to joyce you have a new returning customer :D

September 06,2010
Name: gingerx IP:0.0.0.*

VERY helpful, friendly and responsive.. so far, a great experience!

September 06,2010
Name: findz IP:0.0.0.*

was really understanding

September 06,2010

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  • Awesome service will definately be doing service with them for ye...

    by Hellfirefromabove
  • thanks i got my 24 Ex now :D just delviery in 2mins. I love this site

    by popobye
  • Great safety , support & service just perfect !

    by Brandon
  • Please give Carol raise she has been so awesome!

    by Damian
  • very quick and effiecient'

    by Axman
  • very good and kind and extremly heplfull :)

    by Jonniboyo

    by Drizzel

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